Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watermelon Beer

Walking into QFC there was only one thing on my mind "Beer Run" Of course to the casual observer having a 2 year in tow often makes a beer run look like poor parenting. So to offset the negative vibes I felt radiating off other QFC'ers I decided to buy a Pizza and Candy as well. Because it sure beats McDonalds. And I brush his teeth. So candy is ok.
Anyhow a six pack for $10.99 of canned beer? Why not spend $7.99 on a 24 pack of canned beer? BECAUSE  I want to set a precedent for Atlas. Top shelf only.
Long and short. 1) It taste like Watermelon.
                         2) I'm not an alcoholic
                         3) The 21st amendment repelled the 18th (Wikipedia told me so)

Also dont be caught looking at Koala Mens Swimwear with a  beer in hand by your neighbor coming over to ask if she can put some of her recyclables into your recyclables for trash day tomorrow. AWKWARD

Not really. She understood.

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